System Architecture


System Architecture

The environmental monitoring system comprises hardware – distributed measurement devices – and software components. It delivers data such as energy, temperature, relative humidity, count, CO2 and flow where and when it is required – quickly, securely and accurately.

The system architecture is modular and flexible: it can be easily configured, added to, or changed by mixing and matching the different hardware and software options to incorporate particular features and capabilities, in order to meet specific requirements. In this way, the most practical and cost-effective solution can be provided for the user by selecting from a range of established options.

Components communicate locally or remotely over an IP backbone, with connectivity options including Ethernet, Wi-Fi and GPRS. The system architecture is built around industry standards such as SQL, supporting solutions using 3rd party or custom software, and uses powerful, cost-effective ARM® microprocessors.

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  • Open data
  • Data integrity
  • Scalable solution: flexible and modular
  • Optional security: signed data
  • Versatile: choice of connectivity options
  • Quality and reliability: established UK manufacturer